The Boston Drawing Project is a collection of artworks on paper housed in Boston at Carroll and Sons. Participating artists work in a wide range of media including graphite, ink, a variety of paints, photography, printmaking and collage. Although many of the artists with work in the Project are based in the Boston area, living in the region is not a requirement for participation.

The Project lives in a series of flat file drawers  at Carroll and Sons. Each participating artist has a portfolio in a drawer that contains six to twelve artworks along with a copy of the artist’s resume and a consignment form. The consignment form includes all necessary information about the artworks in the portfolio — the title, date, medium, size and price of each work. The drawers are open to the public during gallery hours, Wednesday through Saturday, 12 PM to 6 PM. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment to view work in the drawers. The Project is a great resource for artists, curators and collectors.

The concept for the Boston Drawing Project began at Pierogi, an artist run gallery in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Pierogi was founded by artist Joe Amrhein in the mid-1990’s with the idea of making works on paper available to a larger audience. Bernard Toale brought the concept to Boston in 1999. The Boston Drawing Project was based in his gallery, the Bernard Toale Gallery, until it closed in the spring of 2008. Joseph Carroll, having curated the Project since 2003, is pleased to have the opportunity to continue the Boston Drawing Project at Carroll and Sons.


The Boston Drawing Project
@ Carroll and Sons
450 Harrison Avenue, Room 404
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

Hours: Open Wednesday to Saturday, Noon to 6 and by appointment

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